When most people think of Estate Jewelry, they imagine jewelry that might have belonged to a relative from Victorian times (or earlier). Jewelry that might have been worn in the Roaring 20’s, called Art Nouveau or early Deco jewelry. Or jewelry made during the construction of the Empire State Building, which would be the height of Art Deco. All these examples are, to be sure, considered estate jewelry but there is many more examples of estate jewelry which you may not be aware of.43510 $1695 dia=.86 tw

Retro Jewelry was produced after World War II and is characterized by being mostly soft symmetry (not so many angles as Art Deco) and is also usually, very bold. You can understand that, since people were tired of doing without, which is what they had to do during the War.

Then there was the 60’s and 70’s era which introduced the Free form style that is indicative of the general attitude of the day (loose and easy). Since then, jewelry has been very individualized. It is difficult to actually describe a style and that suits the attitudes of the times too.

At Olde Gold we deal in a large number of estate jewelry items from pre-Victorian to jewelry made recently (usually wedding jewelry). The benefit of buying estate jewelry is PRICE. We are professional jewelers. We carefully check all jewelry before it is sold and do all necessary work to make it wearable. Estate jewelry is defined by us as any jewelry that has been previously owned. This could be a wedding set that was made last year to a Chalice Ring from 1810 (which we actually had and have sold). Sometimes this jewelry can be very eclectic or traditional. We sell many different styles of jewelry.

The one common thread is MOST ESTATE JEWELRY IS PRICED 30% BELOW RETAIL. Some items which are very collectible may be at retail but for the most part ESTATE JEWELRY IS YOUR BEST VALUE. And that is why estate jewelry is something you should consider. With estate jewelry, you really can get Good Quality at a Great Price!