Paradise Fire Jewelry 5/14/2019 Yelp Review

On November 8, 2018 we lost everything in the Paradise fire. We were lucky to be able to evacuate our pets and some valuables, but my late grandmother's zuni turquoise necklace was left behind in the panic of the moment. It was one of my most favorite possessions in the world. She traveled the country during WWII playing trumpet in a big band and her favorite location was Albuquerque, where she picked up the necklace. After two weeks of digging for a needle in my haystack. I cannot believe that I found it under 500lbs of bricks, my bathtub, and a giant pile of tile. I saw Olde Gold on the news and was so touched by their offer to clean fire-damaged jewelry for free. What an amazing gift. The necklace was blackened, bent and brittle to the point where I thought it couldn't be salvaged. It smelled so badly of sulfur. I was heartbroken. My mother just picked up the necklace from Olde Gold and it is beautiful, restored to better than its original condition! I cannot express to Olde Gold the depth of my gratitude. You have a customer for life. Dawn D. Mountain View, CA