The Team

Our Philosophy of business is a bit old fashioned but we believe that our customers deserve to be treated as family. Customers are hard to get and easy to lose. We never want anyone to have something from us that they don’t enjoy every time they put it on. We will accommodate any reasonable request and truly will bend over backwards to please. Try us out and you will be surprised at the value we offer for your money and the care you will receive from us after you make the decision to purchase some of our beautiful jewelry.

Steve Catterall
Steve CatterallOwner, Certifed Gemologist / Registered Jeweler
American Gem Society, Gemologist GIA, Member NAJA, Master Jeweler.

In Jewelry since 1977, beginning with a sales job at Weisfields Jewelers, continuing on to study and become a Gemologist with the GIA in 1981 and then training in AGS stores in Ft. Meyers, FLA, with extensive training in the art of Appraisals, Sacramento CA, and Carmel CA. He became a Certified Gemologist, and Registered Jeweler in 1984. He returned to Chico, CA to manage a fine jewelry store from 1984-1988, then decided to venture out on his own to open Olde Gold Estate Jewelry in 1988. In 1995 after basic studying at Revere Institute of Jewelry Arts, and with the help of a fully apprenticed English bench jeweler, he started working at the bench.

Beth Dooney
Beth DooneySales, Jewelry Design, Consignment Dept
Beth came to Chico for College and after getting her degree she decided to stay. Seems to happen a lot in this community. She has 22 years experience in the Jewelry field and enjoys design and sales. She has been with us for 11 years and is a big asset to the store. She enjoys long distance running, her dog, and her family.
Carol Spangler
Carol SpanglerManager, Jewelry Design, Sales, Repair Dept, Costume Jewelry Dept.
Carol has been in the jewelry business her entire career (28 years) and is a vital cog in the Olde Gold wheel. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her knowledge of the business is extensive. She worked for Sterling Corporation (Kays, Weisfields) and for two of the local jewelers, earning a GIA Insurance Replacement Appraisal Certificate in 1998 and has been with us for 17 years. Carol is a avid Auction hound and loves the Estate part of the business.
Will Roehling
Will RoehlingBench Jeweler
Will has been with us since 2008, starting as an apprentice jeweler and quickly finding his way to becoming a very accomplished craftsman. He has always been in the crafts and attended Butte College to take their bench jewelry courses. He has also taken courses at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. Will is meticulous, detail-oriented and dedicated to the craft.
Craig Tolman
Craig TolmanBench Jeweler
Craig Tolman has been a bench jeweler for over 30 years and his expert craftsmanship and skilled jewelry repair experience is sought after. He specializes in hand wax carving and old school lost wax casting. Craig attended jewelry school in California in the 80’s on the GI bill, after getting out of the Army. He loves being a Jeweler, creating pieces that will be passed down for the generations. Craig has been doing work for stores in Carson Valley, NV, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii and now in Chico. He grew up in Quincy, CA.