Jewelry Care Mistakes (part 2)

Keeping Your Jewelry Out in the Open In an ideal world, having fine jewelry sitting on your kitchen counter in a jewelry dish shouldn't be a big deal. However, that storing spot that you decided to always put your jewelry should be in an inconspicuous and safe location. Unfortunately if you get robbed by a

Gemstone Cleaning ~ Ionic Technology

We have a new jewelry cleaner in the store. It is a machine called an Ionic cleaner which utilizes an amazing ionic, not ultrasonic process for cleaning. With this cleaning machine, you can not only clean gold, but opals, pearls, emeralds, and all other soft or porous stones safely in one minute. It does not

Jewelery Business ~ Built On Trust

OLDE GOLD The jewelry business is built on trust...From the jeweler themselves being trusted by the supplier to the buyer, being able to trust that what they are told is factual and accurate. This is not an easy thing to develop because an honest man and a thief will tell you the same story. There

Jewelry Care and Maintenance

JEWELRY MAINTENANCE...JUST LIKE YOUR VEHICLE... We're talking today about Jewelry Maintenance. Just like your vehicles, house, animals, and yourself, your jewelry needs to be maintained in order for you to realize the maximum pleasure from whatever you have purchased. How often you clean and check your jewelry is up to you. Some people wear jewelry