Appraisals (we are NOT providing this service at this time)

A jewelry appraisal is the process in which a professional examines and evaluates a piece of jewelry. Appraisals can be used for different purposes, 3 of them being for insurance purpose, estate purposes and reselling purposes. The appraiser considers precious metals and gems are other factors in the appraisal in an unbiased credible way.

Rate: We are NOT providing this service at this time.

Evaluations (we are NOT providing this service at this time)

A jewelry evaluation differs from an official appraisal in that we take the time to give you a general valuation of the particular piece of jewelry.  With a evaluation, there is nothing in writing, however, we will be as accurate as possible, and with hopefully satiate any curiosities you have about the piece, at a much lower cost to you. Like within a jewelry appraisal, an evaluation take into account both the precious metals and gems considered.

If you do need an “official value”, then please ask for an appraisal.

Rate:  We are NOT providing this service at this time.

Jewelry Repairs

We know you take the absolute best care and treatment of your most precious pieces of jewelry.  We also know that accidents happen, and every now and then a stone comes loose, or a prong needs a little loving touch to bring it back to perfection.  At Olde Gold, we have a complete on-site repair facility to restore brilliance to your treasures.  Whether it’s replacing a watch battery, or replacing a lost gem, or even re-cutting a gem, we have you covered.  Our on-site Jewelers are old school with over 35+ years on the bench.

Rate: By Estimate Only (you will KNOW prior to any work being done, just how much it will cost).


Do you have fine piece of jewelry you are looking to sell, but don’t have the time or place to properly get it into the market?  We can help.  Let us not only help you determine the optimal price for your piece, but let us showcase it to our prospective buyers both in our store and on our website.  You pay nothing.  We just take a small portion of the sale price.

Rate: Price established prior to sale (60% of sale price to owner, 40% to Olde Gold)

Custom Design Work

Do you have an idea for beautiful piece of jewelry.  Maybe it’s a custom engagement ring, a one of a kind necklace, bracelet, earrings, or cuff?  Let us help you take you idea from thought to paper to actual work of art.  We can not only help with the final design, but our in-house manufacturing can create that custom work that will “WOW” everyone you know.  And even better, you will know that your custom piece is the only one in the world.

Rate: By Estimate Only.

Estate Jewelry Evaluation (we are NOT providing this service at this time)

Need to know if the jewelry is real or not. Or if it might be consignable. We can help you go through your jewelry. 

Rate: $50 per hour, call for appointment