Where do sapphires come from?

Sapphires have been prized from antiquity. Some of the very first gems to ever be cut and polished were sapphires. A member of the highly valued gem type corundum, sapphires are found in many countries around the world – from Australia and Malawi to Madagascar and Sri Lanka, and even the United States. Sapphires are most often thought of as blue, but they actually come in every color of the rainbow. Another of the world’s most sought after gemstones, the ruby, is confused with the red sapphire. Royal blue sapphires are highly prized and extremely popular.

Deco Diamond Sapphire Ring

Do sapphires offer lasting value?

Sapphires present unrivaled value and quality in precious gemstones. Historically among the most highly prized gemstones, sapphires are more affordable than diamonds and offer an almost limitless array of options in color, size and shape. Their brilliant color and intensity have seduced countless generations. As these enduring gems have long symbolized loyalty, sapphires are increasingly becoming valued as a modern engagement ring option. Princess Diana was the first iconic figure to receive a large oval sapphire as opposed to a diamond upon her engagement, and many others have since followed this path of giving a distinctive and original pledge.


Are sapphires appropriate for everyday wear?

Sapphires are very durable and ideal for everyday wear, much like diamonds. Gemstones are rated on their ability to withstand surface scratching using the Mohs Scale of Hardness. The Mohs Scale rates minerals specifically on their ability to withstand scratching and abrasions by other minerals. A diamond, as the hardest mineral known, receives a 10. According to the Mohs Scale, sapphires are a 9, indicating excellent hardness. In fact, the only natural gemstone that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond.

Gems are also rated for durability and stability. Each category receives a rating of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. Durability represents the gem’s ability to withstand chipping and breaking while being knocked or bumped. Sapphires have excellent durability, meaning they are difficult to chip or break, so they can be worn all day without fear of being damaged. Stability is used to rate gems on their ability to withstand heat, light, and chemicals. Sapphires have very good to excellent stability, meaning they are not particularly sensitive to these factors, also making them ideal for daily wear. The only gem rated more durable than a sapphire is a diamond.