It could be the right time to recycle your gold jewelry.IMG_4776

The price of gold tends to rise when the economy is doing poorly. Over the last two years, gold prices have risen about 70 percent. Though the price has dipped since reaching record highs, gold still shines.

And it is infinitely recyclable. “We are one of the greenest industries around,” says Cecilia Gardner, president and CEO of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, a nonprofit effort to ensure industry ethics.

“Gold has been recycled since ancient times. Once gold comes out of the ground, it never goes back in. It’s used over and over again.”

The kind of gold you can sell ranges from inexpensive gold trinkets to dental gold to solid gold coins and fine jewelry.

Bring in your broken chains and rings you have not worn for or that stones have fallen out of.  We will test the metal to see if it is 10 kt, 14 kt or 18 kt gold.  We also buy sterling silver. After we test it we will then weigh it to figure out what we will pay you for it.  We also buy some watches that are made with gold.

IMG_4777So if you, or someone you know has jewelry to dispose of, why not get something for it?  We are told that we have the best prices in town.