Have you ever known someone who has a piece of estate jewelry, handed down from their Mother or Grandmother?  They have a ring, a watch, or a pendant that has been in the family for many years.  Have they shared with you the history of that jewelry? 45354-1


Here at Olde Gold we see this type of jewelry often, listen to the history of the jewelry, then take it into our care because it may be worn down or needs a stone replaced.  Sometimes we sell these items for people on consignment or buy them outright for the cost of the metal.


We work with every aspect of estate jewelry.  From jewelry repair and design to sales and appraisals. While these gems are put into our hands we carefully work with them knowing they have great meaning to those who cherish them. We put them to bed every night, locking them into the safe.


If you have jewelry that needs repair, bring it in and let us give you an estimate.  Or it may just need a good cleaning, which we offer for free!