Wearing Your Jewelry All the Time

Jewelry is usually so sentimental that we are tempted to wear it all the time, whether it is a necklace you received as a child or your engagement ring. Engagement rings are the most common offenders on this list, and in this case it is because by default, they are worn everyday. Even though they are worn everyday, it doesn’t mean you have to wear them ALL the time.

Don’t wear your jewelry while sleeping, washing dishes, painting, working with your hands. Use your best judgement on this, but if in doubt, take your jewelry off.


Showering or Swimming in Your Jewelry

Not only shouldn’t you wear your jewelry all the time, you should most definitely never wear your jewelry when swimming or showering. Water is a natural abrasive. Think of the rivers that over time have carved their way through canyons of stone. Overtime the same thing happens with your gold and other metals. Showering won’t wear down your gold as quickly as chlorine or salt water, but it is best to use caution around any liquids.


Storing Your Jewelry in Different Places

So you aren’t supposed to wear your jewelry all the time, but when you aren’t, where should you put it? It happens so often with our clients when they have a nice piece of jewelry that they have to take off for work or different occasions at home that they lose the jewelry! Why do they lose it? Because they put it in a different spot every time. Just like people have a designated spot for their car keys, you should always have a designated spot for jewelry that you wear often. When you come home at the end of the day, place your engagement ring and other valuables in this spot to prevent the chance of loss.

We offer free ring cleaning!

After about 5 minutes in the Ultra Sonic, the jeweler can check to be sure your diamonds are secure in the setting of your ring.  Polishing and steaming can make your rings like brand new and by having us check the settings, that will eliminate such expensive accidents such as having a diamond fall out.