We have a new jewelry cleaner in the store. It is a machine called an Ionic cleaner which utilizes an amazing ionic, not ultrasonic process for cleaning. With this cleaning machine, you can not only clean gold, but opals, pearls, emeralds, and all other soft or porous stones safely in one minute. It does not remove metal and does not use ammonia or acids. It also doesnot require heat.


Cleaning and polishing is one easy step. The Ionic system uses polishing agents and gentle soap cleansers to remove tarnish and dirt with a safe bubbling action.  These bubbles are formed by the carefully-controlled electrical current that passes through metals reducing surface tension of dirt and floating it and tarnish away – instantly.  Restores metal luster and stone brilliance.  Ionic cleaning is effective for most metals except brass and copper.

So come on by for a FREE jewelry cleaning (one free item per visit).

You’ll be sparkling!