Many people ask us if we can re-size their ring.  So much goes into that question, such as what is the metal content of the ring, gold, platinum or silver.  Also, how wide is the shank, and how many stones if any are in the ring. It is important to obtain an accurate ring size. We suggest that you simply come in with the ring so that we can measure your finger.  This is the only way to accurately measure your finger size.

You can also visit a local jeweler if you are ordering a ring online.


Many rings may be resized, so if you order the wrong finger size those rings may be resized by a reasonable amount.

However, some rings, particularly the titanium rings, and rings with patterns that run all the way around the ring (for example wave pattern, woven, engraved and ribbed edge rings) are sometimes difficult or not possible to resize due to the patterns on the ring or the hardness of the titanium (titanium cannot be soldered).

For this reason, we request that you have your ring size checked by a local jeweler rather than using a piece of paper or string to measure the ring size. If a piece of paper is used, it does not accurately show how the ring will move over the knuckle and does not take into account different ring widths.


If your ring is made out of gold, we will use 14 kt gold to size up your ring to a larger size.  Prices will vary depending on how many sizes the ring needs to go up or down.  If you are wanting your ring to be smaller it will be less money since the gold taken out will be used as a credit toward the cost.