For over 5000 years, emeralds have been one of the most desirable and valuable colored gemstones. Ancient civilizations in Africa, Asia, and South America independently discovered emeralds and made them their gemstone of highest esteem.

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Today emerald, together with ruby and sapphire, form the “big three” of colored stones. The “big three” generate more economic activity than all other colored stones combined. In 2011 the value of emeralds imported into the United States exceeded the value of rubies and sapphires combined. The value of imported emeralds also exceeded the value of all colored stones outside of the “big three” combined.

Synthetic Emeralds

The first synthetic emeralds were produced in the mid-1800s, but it was not until the 1930s that Carroll Chatham began producing emerald in commercial quantities. To date, several companies have produced synthetic emeralds by flux and hydrothermal processes.

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Synthetic emeralds, also known as lab-created emeralds, have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural emeralds. They are sold beside natural emeralds in most mall jewelry stores in the United States. When compared to natural emeralds, the synthetics have superior clarity and a more uniform appearance than natural stones of equivalent cost. Many consumers purchase them for their attractive appearance at a lower cost.

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