A diamond’s shape is often the very first consideration when selecting a piece of diamond jewelry. It’s quite clear why: each shape has its own attributes and offers a different aesthetic. Because of the wide variety of diamond shapes available, it’s important to zero in on the shape that works best for you.

Courtesy of Platinum Guild International.

Photo Courtesy of Platinum Guild International.


Today’s diamond shape is regularly confused with diamond cut. However, these two are not one and the same. A diamond’s cut and crafted finish refers to the stone’s facet arrangement, including symmetry and proportion. On the other hand, a diamond’s shape is the general silhouette of the stone: round, square, rectangle, octagonal, oval, marquise, pear, heart, or triangle. Looking at diamonds, shape by shape, is the best way to compare their distinctive qualities and see which one is right for you, or as a gift.

A diamond’s shape can reflect your style and personality. You’ll want to look at and wear these precious jewelry pieces with confidence over the years. Get to know the facts behind each shape to choose the one that’s right for you. For instance, if you love tradition and are drawn to classic timeless fashions, then a round diamond might be for you. When cut as a round brilliant, the diamond’s 58 facets deliver unbelievable sparkle. It’s a shape that’s both versatile and flattering whether the diamond occupies center stage in solitaire engagement ring, as a pendant, or paired with a mate in a set of diamond earring studs.

If your personal style is active and athletic, and you’re drawn to a square shape diamond, then you’ll want to keep in mind that this diamond shape features pointed corners which should be protected by prongs.