Do you have estate jewelry that you no longer wear?  Need money or just want to put it to good use?  Some people try to sell it themselves but do not know what it is worth.  That’s where we come in.  We will evaluate your jewelry and take it from there.

What is estate jewelry? It’s any jewelry you own — from fine antique and vintage heirlooms to low-end items acquired as a youngster; from diamonds left over from old relationships, fashionable jewelry, and even some costume. It’s any jewelry in the hands of an ultimate consumer.  44331-2The price for an item is established with the owner before it is accepted for sale, as well as the commission, which is due when it is sold. This price is based on the most frequently encountered current wholesale market price for the item, considering its quality, condition, and background.  The agreement also states that the piece will be kept in our store for a minimum of 90 days.  This pricing structure benefits both buyer and seller: it is less than if it were offered in a retail store, but more than the gemstone or jewelry trade (which buys for re-sale) can pay.

To fulfill the role of professional estate jewelry broker requires knowledge of gemology, the jewelry arts and appraisal science. These skills are used to authenticate objectively the quality, condition, background (or “provenance”), and value of your pieces.  44158

How long does selling your jewelry take?  The typical consignment period is six to twelve months to find a buyer. But it is highly unpredictable. Some items sell much more rapidly and others very slowly.  In addition to showroom display your item is photographed and shown on our website as well as face book.

If an item can’t be sold intact, as jewelry, due to damage, style or other factor, we also offers the liquidation alternative with very competitive prices paid for scrap gold and other precious metals, by selling direct to refiners.= .35 carat h-i vs We have served Northern California for over 25 years, and look forward to serving you. Please call us at 530-891-4610 or look for us on face book.