Jewelry Care Mistakes (part 2)

Keeping Your Jewelry Out in the Open In an ideal world, having fine jewelry sitting on your kitchen counter in a jewelry dish shouldn't be a big deal. However, that storing spot that you decided to always put your jewelry should be in an inconspicuous and safe location. Unfortunately if you get robbed by a

Jewelry Care Mistakes

Wearing Your Jewelry All the Time Jewelry is usually so sentimental that we are tempted to wear it all the time, whether it is a necklace you received as a child or your engagement ring. Engagement rings are the most common offenders on this list, and in this case it is because by default, they

Caring For Your Pearls

Pearls are an organic gem and they require a very specialized care that if done properly will protect them for a very long time. They can be harmed by contact with many chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics and hair care products of all kinds. Pearl ring available in our store Never use toothbrushes,

Gemstone Cleaning ~ Ionic Technology

We have a new jewelry cleaner in the store. It is a machine called an Ionic cleaner which utilizes an amazing ionic, not ultrasonic process for cleaning. With this cleaning machine, you can not only clean gold, but opals, pearls, emeralds, and all other soft or porous stones safely in one minute. It does not

Jewelry Travel Tips

  Packing for your vacation and wondering if you should bring your favorite pieces of jewelry? Here are some tips for traveling with jewelry. Since fine jewelry has financial and emotional value, many travelers would rather leave it at home. But so long as you remember the following guidelines, you can safely travel with jewelry