A large part of our daily business has to do with determining if a piece of jewelry, watch, etc. has any value.  There are several criteria with regard to evaluation for consignment, knowledge for the customer or finding out if an item is worth anything in the first place.  Here’s how we do it.

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Being Gemologists and jewelers we know what kinds of gemstones a piece of jewelry has.  We have 35 years appraisal experience so it isn’t too difficult to determine if a gemstone is real, synthetic, or imitation.  The next thing is to determine the metal involved, age, type of construction and overall condition.  After these determinations we can give the customer some suggestions on what type of services they need.  Some people need to insure their jewelry that is worth more than their deductible.  Then there is the client that would rather sell their items.  First we determine if there is value there.  If so we will advise them that they can consign an item for a certain amount or in some cases we will buy the item outright.  Then there is the customer who just wants to know what they have. In this case we first determine if there is value and if so, we will evaluate it for their knowledge.  The key here is knowing what you are looking at and being able to identify and grade gemstones, then be able to figure accurate prices.  Education and experience are the keys here and we have lots of both.  Contact us when you need an appraisal forGem Lab (2)c insurance purposes, if you need to know what you have, or if you would like to sell your jewelry.  Our team of professionals, are knowledgeable, and ready to give you accurate information.  Our fees for these services vary depending upon the detail of each piece and the quantity of pieces of jewelry.