Research Reveals Wives Prefer Jewellery for Anniversary Gifts

A 2009 international survey revealed that the overwhelming majority of ladies wished to receive jewelry for their upcoming anniversary.

When asked why they preferred jewelry as a gift, they said that ‘jewelry is the gift that best says “I love you”.’

Ladies also believe that jewellery, unlike any other gift, holds the greatest sentimental value.

And by choosing jewellery, the sentimental value doesn’t bore within a few days like house-hold appliances do, nor confuse like technology products do, fade like flowers or add to the waistline like chocolate.


You could look at it like this: Give her an appliance and she might like it? Give her Jewellery and she’ll Love You!

Jewellery is the desirable gift that will keep giving day after day for many years to come.

When you shop at Olde Gold, we offer a 30 day return policy.  Many people who receive jewelry as a gift like the idea of returning it and picking out something else, if they think it’s just something they wouldn’t wear.  On that note, before shopping for your sweetheart, take a moment to notice what the types of jewelry she has.  Does she wear small, dainty, post style earrings or big dangles.  And then when you pick out a gift and give it to her, let her know that she can return it for exchange or refund.  We want her to be happy with her gift.

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