OG_Logo1_soloWelcome to Oldegold.com, we are A Full Service Jewelry Store offering products and services you have come to know and love.  Located in beautiful Chico, California, in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Olde Gold was established in April of 1988 by previous owner Steven Catterall. Now owned and operated by Craig & Michele Tolman.

Since the beginning, Olde Gold has developed a reputation for craftsmanship and unique new, estate and consignment jewelry. Large selection of diamonds, engagement/bridal rings, wedding bands, and designer wedding bands for men.

Today, we  pride ourselves on being able to provide our area with true craftsmen. In addition  we also provide manufacturing in both lost wax and hand fabrication, and an excellent jewelry repair department. We also have on staff a GIA Gemologists. Our gemologists is very skilled in the art of jewelry appraisal (member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers) and gem identification.

As you can see, we are truly an olde fashioned style jewelry store so please come in (next time you are Downtown Chico) and enjoy true professional jewelers, established and maintained in the Olde World Style of excellence and craftsmanship.  You will also find more inventory in our store location than what is online.  If you see something online that is not quite what you want, give a call so that we may find it for you… 530-891-4610.